ProHuddle Webinar Statistics

We started ProHuddle because we thought there is a gap between enterprise IT people and the startups, open source vendors, small software shops and freelancers that serve these customers.

The former is tired of the old guard and wants to hear more from the latter but don’t know who they are and where they hang out. The latter has to build its “lead funnel” from scratch and this requires time, money and resources that these small organizations usually lack.

We know, because we started from zero ourselves. Zero emails in the list, zero “leads”, zero customers. We wanted to pay it forward in our own humble way and make it a little bit easier for other small shops to reach out to enterprise IT community. We created ProHuddle about 18 months ago for this purpose.

I thought sharing some statistics would be helpful for everyone who is interested in hosting her own webinars or thinking of hosting a webinar at ProHuddle.

Here is some information to provide context:

  • Our list consists of 8930 emails. There are two ways we add a new member to our email list:
    • She downloads one of our products: Formspider, an application development framework for Oracle developers, or Gitora, the version control tool for PL/SQL developers.
    • She signs up for a ProHuddle webinar or just signs up to be informed about upcoming webinars.
  • Our community mostly consists of developers, professionals and IT managers at companies which are Oracle customers or partners.
  • Our webinars are limited to 100 concurrent attendees. We had two webinars where this ceiling prevented us from having more live attendees.

We hosted 12 webinars so far. Below you can see the raw numbers for each webinar in the order we hosted them:

WebinarSignupsLive Attendees
Row Pattern Matching in Oracle 12c15751
Database and Network Monitoring with Zabix13450
Machine Intelligence22071
NoSQL Distilled27968
Version Control for PL/SQL409127
Database Optimizers19757
US Visa and Green Card Options11036
PostgreSQL for Oracle Developers341116
Version Control for PL/SQL (again)11930
Oracle Edition Based Redefinition19265
SQL for Java Developers17056

Some Number Crunching

  • Webinars received 2477 signups and 747 live attendees. (With the caveat mentioned above regarding live concurrent attendee ceiling.)
  • 19% of registrants have attended the live webinar they signed up for. This number is a little bit deceiving though because we experiment with niche topics and different time slots. Some of these experiments both reduce the signups and the number of attendees.
  • If we remove four webinars, attendee percentage goes up to 31,6%. There are good reasons to remove these four webinars:
    • Bitcoin webinar was hosted at 12:00 PST which is 15:00 EST and 20:00 Central European Time. This is an awful time slot to host a webinar if your community has a lot of members from Europe. Additionally, Bitcoin is not even on the radar for most IT organizations.
    • The US Visa options webinar was the only non-technical webinar we hosted and it was a very niche topic for our community. (It turned out to be a great webinar by the way.)
    • The two Version Control for PL/SQL webinars are about our own product, so it is only fair to remove them from the calculation to get a clearer picture for the interest to other IT related topics.
  • 423 people signed up for two or more webinars. 141 people signed up for three or more webinars. 62 people signed up for four or more webinars.

What the Numbers Tell Us

Webinars about our own products work really well.

Gitora webinars were among the top performers with 528 signups and 157 live attendees (29,7%). Unfortunately, we hit the live concurrent attendee limitation in one of the webinars so the number could be better.

Multiple Formspider webinars we hosted (which were not hosted at ProHuddle) worked just as well, if not better.

Let me put it this way: We’ve never had a webinar in which we didn’t make a sale during the webinar. (and now I jinxed it. 🙂 )

In the Oracle community, there is a lot of interest in other database technologies.

PostgreSQL and NoSQL webinars stand out both in signup and attendee numbers. In fact, excluding webinars about our own product, those two webinars had the most and 2nd most signups and most and 3rd most attendees with 620 signups and 184 live attendees (29.7%). The live attendee number could be higher but unfortunately, we hit the concurrent live attendee limit for the PostgreSQL webinar as well.

In the Oracle community, interest to products from other vendors is very high.

We hosted webinars about Zabbix (a monitoring tool), Numanta (machine intelligence), NoSQL (general overview of products in NoSQL landscape), PostgreSQL and JOOQ (SQL for Java). Those five webinars received 1144 signups and 362 attendees (31.6% live attendance).

Additional Stats

Which country are the registrants from?

CountryNumber of Signups
United States594
United Kingdom121

Which continent are the registrants from?

ContinentSignup Pct
North America26%

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the presenters we hosted at ProHuddle. They are awesome! These are some of the best presenters you will find anywhere online or offline. Seriously. Check them out and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Upcoming Webinar: Pattern Recognition using SQL and Oracle 12c

Join us on February 23 at 14:00 CET (07:00 EST) with our guest host Oracle Ace Kim Berg Hansen presenting “Use Cases of Row Pattern Matching in Oracle 12c”

In this month’s free webinar, you’ll learn how you can use Oracle’s pattern recognition features to gain actionable insights from your organization’s or client’s data.

Click here or the button below to register for this webinar.

About the Webinar

Let’s hear from Kim why you should attend this webinar:

In recent years, pattern recognition has been a very hot topic in business intelligence. Pattern recognition techniques can be applied to many use cases such as finding ups and downs in values over time (e.g. stock tickers), detecting fraudulent behavior, grouping consecutive data, finding gaps, finding or merging overlapping periods and calculating number of children in hierarchical data.

The webinar will cover the following topics:

  • Syntax of row pattern matching
  • Demonstration of various use cases, where each use case highlights ways of using different parts of MATCH_RECOGNIZE:
    • DEFINE – what to define, PREV, NEXT, FIRST, LAST, referring to other variables, order of evaluation
    • PATTERN- regular expression style syntax
    • ORDER BY

Benefits of ProHuddle for You

For more than a year, we’ve been hosting webinars for our Formspider community for more than a year. It’s been a great experience for everyone involved. Attendees have almost always provided very positive feedback and we learned a lot by hosting them.

This year, we not only want to host more webinars ourselves but also want to attend more high quality webinars. However, when we searched for webinars to attend, we quickly realized that there is really no good website where we can find high quality webinars for the topics we are interested in. From an attendee perspective, webinars suffer a discovery problem.

So we decided to build ProHuddle, a website where you can find high quality webinars for every topic you are interested in.

Our core community consists of Oracle professionals so we’ll start with Oracle related topics and branch off from there to other areas.

Benefits of ProHuddle for You

It’s free
Attending conferences can be expensive. ProHuddle brings you high quality presentations for free.

Content Discovery
You miss a lot of content you might enjoy, simply because you never hear about it. ProHuddle curates presentations, surfaces the best ones and notifies you about them. You’ll have access to presentations from all over the world, connecting you to the experts from everywhere.

Easy to Attend
Attending conferences can be time consuming. You can attend ProHuddle webinars from the comfort of your home or your office, on any device.

More Engaging
Presentations have time constraints. At ProHuddle, there is no next presentation to catch or to clear the room for. The presenter has as much time as she needs to deliver her message, answer questions and interact with the audience (which is to me the best part of all).

If you are a curious, open minded person, with an interest in new people, ideas, products and technologies, sign up to our first webinar.

Welcome to ProHuddle

Hi there! Welcome to ProHuddle. ProHuddle helps you find empowering, engaging webinars to improve your professional life.

We are a community of curious, open minded people who are always looking for new people, ideas, technologies and products to improve our professional lives.


Our community largely consists of Oracle professionals. Therefore, we’ll start our webinars with Oracle related topics such as SQL, Java, Oracle Database and other Oracle products.

As the community grows and matures we will probably branch off to other topics such as big data, analytics, data warehouses, software design, mobile, various programming tools and languages, cloud computing, artificial intelligence etc…

If this sounds interesting to you, please subscribe to our email list to get notified about upcoming webinars.

Please see our FAQ for more information. If you have questions, comments or simply want to say hi, we’d love to hear from you.

We are launching in February 2016! Looking forward to meeting you in our webinars!

Yalim K. Gerger