Benefits of ProHuddle for You

For more than a year, we’ve been hosting webinars for our Formspider community for more than a year. It’s been a great experience for everyone involved. Attendees have almost always provided very positive feedback and we learned a lot by hosting them.

This year, we not only want to host more webinars ourselves but also want to attend more high quality webinars. However, when we searched for webinars to attend, we quickly realized that there is really no good website where we can find high quality webinars for the topics we are interested in. From an attendee perspective, webinars suffer a discovery problem.

So we decided to build ProHuddle, a website where you can find high quality webinars for every topic you are interested in.

Our core community consists of Oracle professionals so we’ll start with Oracle related topics and branch off from there to other areas.

Benefits of ProHuddle for You

It’s free
Attending conferences can be expensive. ProHuddle brings you high quality presentations for free.

Content Discovery
You miss a lot of content you might enjoy, simply because you never hear about it. ProHuddle curates presentations, surfaces the best ones and notifies you about them. You’ll have access to presentations from all over the world, connecting you to the experts from everywhere.

Easy to Attend
Attending conferences can be time consuming. You can attend ProHuddle webinars from the comfort of your home or your office, on any device.

More Engaging
Presentations have time constraints. At ProHuddle, there is no next presentation to catch or to clear the room for. The presenter has as much time as she needs to deliver her message, answer questions and interact with the audience (which is to me the best part of all).

If you are a curious, open minded person, with an interest in new people, ideas, products and technologies, sign up to our first webinar.

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